Welcome to Ô open universe website !
Ô is a collaborative project of creation of an open persistant universe.
Ô hosts the creation on an evolutive and collaborative online open-source video game and all its technical and artistic works including comics, books, musics and so on.
Ô collaborative project is open to everyone who wants to learn how to make a video game.

Main menu update and options panel


A little update of the main menu with lower levels and dark borders.
Plus new gui designs for options panel.
I choose to do some original designs for the video (eye), audio (shout), controls icons (octopus).

Main menu


Here is a preview of the new main menu.
Starting from the splash screen background I added Ô planet surrounded by moons and planets.

The jungle planet with the tree of life will give birth to new characters.

Splash screen


As we are implementing game states in Ô, I decided to draw a little splash screen to show between transitions.
I redrew the logo with a cartoon-ish style I used for the goblin and added some of the civilization logos.

Hope you like it !

Goblin character texturing

Remember the ugly little green creature we modeled last time ?
Now it's time to make it greener, uglier, gobliner by adding some fancy textures !

We chose a cartoon-ish style that goes very well with the contour technique we'll implement later. These textures allow us to have a rather low poly model with a nice look. A look that does not go out of style !

Goblin character creation

The great question was which character to create first, so I chose a creature that nobody will notice if it's ugly because it's already supposed to be so : a goblin.

Goblins have a large head, big jaws, an old man posture with childlike proportions, they also suffer from manutrition and so have a rather big belly with apparent ribs.

They eat everything they find so their teeth are sharp and their mind is not.

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