User interface and escape menu


This is a screenshot of the GUI first steps.
We choose a comic-like art style with some gremlins to add some colours.
Notice the green hand mouse in the center of the screen.
The top and bottom black film layers are a little scorched to remind us that gremlins are really messy creatures :)

Akkadian sky


I'm working on a sunset sky for Akkadia.
Later i will add the sand dunes and some rocks and maybe a sand boat with deep blue sails.

Logo set 1


Here are the first civilisations logos from left to right:

  • Aztlan (a pyramid, a sun and a Quetzalcoatl)
  • Tir Maen (two stags and a tree)
  • Akkadia (a geometrical rosette)
  • Bantaoui (a mask  and elements)

I looked for mythological inspiration and common civilisation crafts and drew them first with a grey scale tone.

I vectorized each logo under inkscape and imported them again to add the scroll i made for the map. The next stage was adding some dirt and scratches which is easily done with brushes.

I also erased some parts of the logos and added some light on the edges of the scroll.

Time lapse character creation : Syg

Here is a character creation video I made a long time ago but I wanted to share the whole creation with everyone. I may work on a low detail version of the armor for the 3D model.

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