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You know, Akkadians are very supertitious people who believe in an eternal fight between the forces of evil and good. They think demons are lurking under their feet during the day and get out at night to spread disease, madness and death among them.

So do you want a tour ?

The great sand sea of "Mawjou' Errimel" hides as many treasures as dangers, only the bravest or the foolest sailors ventures in this desolated area.

You may not want to go there. You think you can defeat bandits and demons ? but you can't win against the desert. And if you die there you will be brought to the great towers of silence and you will be devoured by sand vultures during the eternal wait of your final judgment.

User interface and escape menu


This is a screenshot of the GUI first steps.
We choose a comic-like art style with some gremlins to add some colours.
Notice the green hand mouse in the center of the screen.
The top and bottom black film layers are a little scorched to remind us that gremlins are really messy creatures :)

Akkadian sky


I'm working on a sunset sky for Akkadia.
Later i will add the sand dunes and some rocks and maybe a sand boat with deep blue sails.

Adding a terrain in Ogre 1.7

With the Ogre wiki tutorial #3 : Terrain, Sky, and Fog  we will have a nice looking terrain but it is not ours. So let's change the code a little bit.

First we need to understand what is done.

In Ogre3D 1.7 importing a heightmap and creating a terrain is done with the Terrain component.

The new terrain uses many classes (list available here). The first one we need to setup is the TerrainGlobalOptions (Options class which just stores default options for the terrain and provides a few getters and setters).

Logo set 1


Here are the first civilisations logos from left to right:

  • Aztlan (a pyramid, a sun and a Quetzalcoatl)
  • Tir Maen (two stags and a tree)
  • Akkadia (a geometrical rosette)
  • Bantaoui (a mask  and elements)

I looked for mythological inspiration and common civilisation crafts and drew them first with a grey scale tone.

I vectorized each logo under inkscape and imported them again to add the scroll i made for the map. The next stage was adding some dirt and scratches which is easily done with brushes.

I also erased some parts of the logos and added some light on the edges of the scroll.

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