Donation, vote, promotion

Since Ô is a collaborative project, we need a way to show our appreciation to all the people who are working on the project.

We will rely on three main systems :

 - A voting system, which will help figuring out which works are the most appreciated by the community, and a part of the project's benefits will be distributed between the best.

 - A donating system, which will be present to support our artists, musicians, developers and writers. People will be able to choose who they would like to sponsor.

 - A promoting system, which will help advertise our contributor's talents.

2D/3D artists promotion

Ô universe is a huge playground for 2D and 3D artists.

Since the universe still remains to be built, artists will be able to express themselves freely and then see their creations prowling the game.

Each creation will be displayed on the website alongside the artist's description and his promoting and donating system.

Artists will have the opportunity to post tutorial videos too.

Once enough drawings are made, artbooks will be published and their benefits will be donated to the artists.

Production of books, novels, comics or webcomics are also planned with both writers and artists.

Musicians promotion

Ô open universe video game will play the music of its musicians through an ingame radio, which provides a link to the group's description web page, and of course its song list with the ability to purchase albums and support the artist.

Thus Ô will support and promote musicians, and musicians will help filling the game with beautiful songs.

With all its civilisations, atmospheres, and situations, Ô will gather many different music types, from underground to celtic music.

Writers promotion

Each story and quest will be written on the website and linked to the writer's page. This way the player will be able to comment the writers' work and vote for them.

An in-game voting system will allow the players to rate each quest and storyline.

Production of books, novels, comics or webcomics is also planned with both writers and artists.

Craftsmen promotion

Ô crafting system will rely on real craftsmen advisors like blacksmiths or tanners.

In exchange for their experience, Ô will publish promotional video of their work and some useful tips if you want to become a real craftsman.

Plus crafstmen will be modelized in the game and have their own shops.

Developer promotion

The community will be able to choose which part of the game should be developed further through a monthly vote. Each contribution to the game source will be displayed on the developer's page.

Developers can publish tutorials too.


Other types of promotion can include character voices or motion capture actors.

Ô needs you, join us if you want to build a new entirely open universe and video game.