Ô Universe

Before starting to code our video game, we chose to create its universe and, in order to achieve this challenge, we looked everywhere for the ingredients of the best stories.

The answer was quite clear : myths and legends from different cultures transcribed into a new and coherent universe.

A mix of various inspirations from mythologies, Ô is a brand new open and collaborative universe.

Every contributor can add his own story, creature or tribe to the universe. And if you are an artist, you can add a song, a character design, a beautiful landscape or even 3D models.

By opening the universe, we expect people to propose their projects based on Ô collaborative universe. As Ô world is huge and diversified (14 civilisations) everyone should be able find his place even with different cultures or age.

Project examples : video games, comics, music album, art album, books or novels.

Currently the silmaris association is working on an open source roleplaying game and is looking for new contributors.

Map of o openuniverse

Ô universe is composed of 14 civilisations :

  • Akkadia
  • Aztlan
  • Bantaoui
  • Eunoïa Polis confederation
  • The Heredryns
  • Erdélie lands
  • Wintu council
  • Talvånia
  • Thoûtmès
  • Tir Maen
  • Underground people
  • Vaât'Si
  • Fēi lóng kingdoms
  • Warlpari union